Portable Power Bank Power System Load

- Jun 12, 2017 -

Portable Power Bank Power system load

The steepness of the characteristic curve of the excitation regulator in the work area is one of the main indicators of the performance of the regulator. For a separate synchronous generator, the role of excitation regulation is to keep the terminal voltage stable. Parallel operation of the generator installed on the automatic excitation regulator, the stability of the unit can be stable between the reactive load. The output of the generator deviation unit mainly reflects the change of the reactive current of the generator. Increase the reference voltage of the excitation regulator, and synchronize the external characteristics of the synchronous generator in parallel. The machine side of the parallel operation of several sets of generating units of the adjustment coefficient should be positive. The load of the power system includes the continuous component, the pulsating component, the random component. 

Where the pulsating component and the continuous component play a major role in the frequency change. All units of the governor are poor adjustment. A FM result is poor, the second FM results are no difference. The criteria for economic dispatching of generators operating in parallel in the system are: the micro-rate of each unit is equal. (Such as the rate of micro-increment) The operation of translating the generator regulation characteristic is achieved by changing the setting value of the excitation regulator. The characteristic that the active power of the load is absorbed varies with frequency and is called the power frequency characteristic of the load, also known as the static frequency characteristic of the load, which is the inherent regulation effect of the load itself. The linear step voltage contains the amount of phase difference information, the amount of frequency difference information, does not include the amount of differential pressure information. Power system organization and structure stratification: tone, network transfer, provincial transfer, to tone, county transfer. two. Glossary Parallel Operation: Operate the generator group to be put into operation and make the voltage and the parallel point voltage meet the parallel conditions. Full step voltage: The voltage in the analog parallel device that contains side-by-side information. Phase angle difference trajectory: According to the correspondence between the rectangular wave width and the parallel angle of the two power supply waveforms, the relationship between the time t and the rectangular wave width is established. Excitation top voltage: The maximum output voltage that the excitation power unit may provide during strong excitation. The ratio of the excitation voltage to the rated excitation voltage. The rise rate of the excitation voltage is an indicator of the dynamic behavior of the excitation power unit. Excitation Voltage Response Ratio: The average rate at which the excitation current rises at the initial 0-0.5 s. In order to improve the stability of the power system, when the voltage of the generator is reduced to about 80% -85% Un, the generator excitation should be increased to the maximum value, and the strong excitation should be carried out. Encouragement

Demagnetization: Reduces the magnetic field of the rotor windings to a minimum. Demagnetization method: the use of discharge resistance demagnetization, the use of arc suppression de-excitation, the use of controlled rectifier bridge inverter de-excitation. The operating characteristic curve of the excitation regulator is the relationship between the terminal voltage of the generator and the output voltage or current of the regulator. Static characteristics of generator excitation control system: refers to the generator reactive power load and the relationship between the terminal voltage. The power-frequency characteristic of the load: the characteristic that the active load changes with frequency. Anti-misoperation device: the power system to prevent the field operators in the field operation of the occurrence of five kinds of vicious accidents and take a precautionary measures.

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