Controller Regulation Law

- Jun 05, 2017 -

Comparing the measured value of the production process parameter with the given value, deriving the deviation and generating the output signal according to a certain regulation to push the actuator to eliminate the deviation amount, keeping the parameter in the vicinity of the given value or changing according to the predetermined law.TheRegulators, regulators, governor, controller, conditioner, is a kind of through a variety of methods and ways to achieve, change a parameter, an environment needs, an instrument. Daily governor, gear shifter, are one of them, cars and train aircraft, space satellites and so on to use the regulator. Programmable regulator is a kind of regulator, programmable regulator, also known as digital regulator or single loop regulator. It is a microprocessor as a core component of a new regulator. Its various functions can be changed by changing the program (programming) method to achieve, so called programmable regulator.

Regulator is to adjust the voltage of the device, first to prevent the voltage is too high damage to the battery, while the generator voltage is too low to cut off the line between the battery, said above is the DC generator. If the alternator is only regulator function.

Principle editor

Some of the automatic transmission used in the principle of hammer adjustment is commonly referred to as "mechanical regulator" or "centrifugal regulator" [1] the basic principles. Understand the principle of it, the principle of other similar machinery is clear, is the so-called "a reason to pass."

A schematic diagram of a mechanism for controlling the opening and closing of a valve by means of a centrifugal action of a heavy hammer is shown. Two blue balls are heavy hammer with a large mass, the red shaft is the rotating shaft, the whole machine is controlled according to its speed; black small circle is allowed to rotate relative to the connection, like the glasses frame And the connection between the glasses feet, can be relatively rotating; light green is the slider, it rotates with the rotation axis, and can move up and down relative to the rotation axis; slider inside the slot, embedded in a roller (orange ); The valve can be moved up and down along the cross direction of the black pipe to control the flow of fluid through the pipe. The position of the valve is controlled by several orange links connected to the roller.

The horizontal link has a small black circle connected with the black triangle, that in that place with a fixed chassis connection. Triangular polyline represents the spring, when the rotating shaft high-speed rotation, the two heavy hammer under the action of centrifugal force to overcome the spring force to move out, driving the slider upward movement, the entire mechanical device in a light gray position, the original level of the connecting rod is now on the left The right side of the decline, driving the valve down, the channel within the channel was closed or completely closed. When the speed of the rotary shaft slows down, the two hammers move backwards under the action of the spring force, and the valve can be opened again. With this device, you can use the speed to control the movement of the valve. [3] Automatic transmission The structure of the hydraulic automatic shift system is different from the figure, but the principle of regulating the hammer is the same.

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