Low Frequency Power Inverter Stabilize The Battery Power

- Aug 14, 2017 -

Low Frequency Power Inverter Stabilize the battery power

As people's living standards continue to improve, the number of electric vehicles in China is more than a year. In fact, the electric car which is also a low-frequency power inverter exists. General in the electric car on the low-frequency power inverter is known as multi-series low-frequency power inverter. Multi-series low-frequency power inverter is very suitable for automotive use, and has its unique advantages.

Advantages 1: Increased output voltage

General low-frequency power inverter as long as the input current to change, then the output of the current can be more. But the general low-frequency power inverter is marked with the input voltage, can not arbitrarily increase the input current, otherwise it will burn low-frequency power inverter internal parts. But the multi-series low-frequency power inverter will not have such trouble. Because it is a series structure, it can increase the input voltage, and to a certain extent, increase the output voltage. In addition, its control is very flexible, there is a better control accuracy.

Advantages 2: reduce the electrical withstand voltage stress

The use of multiple tandem low-frequency power inverter can also reduce the withstand voltage of a single device to a certain extent, thereby reducing the application requirements of the device. If you do not use multiple tandem low-frequency power inverter, then you must improve the quality of a single appliance, and have a good voltage stress to bear, otherwise it will not work properly. In addition to these benefits, but also reduce the dv / dt value, reducing the electromagnetic radiation, the device heat is also greatly reduced. This will make the use of electric vehicles more secure.

Advantages three: stable battery power

Multi-series low-frequency power inverter can also stabilize the battery power, so that the car in the running of the battery discharge time to maintain consistency, thus increasing the driving safety performance.

These advantages are the multiple tandem low-frequency power inverter is used by electric industry Qicheng reasons.

With such low-frequency power inverter, car low-frequency power inverter, home low-frequency power inverter too many people to pursue such enjoyment, due to play or transition life, you have to rely on low-frequency power inverter " "The problem can be solved.

Weida industry relies on excellent technology and at the same time have a larger technical team to start a variety of low-frequency power inverter production and research and development work, the development of the electronics industry needs different groups of research and development and production, and composed of a variety of Production products compared with last year, sine wave low-frequency power inverter is more important.

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