MPPT Solar Charge Consider Two Parameters

- Aug 28, 2017 -

MPPT solar charge Consider two parameters

In a off-grid solar power system, the solar controller is the core, the system configuration must meet the requirements of solar charging controller, otherwise it may lead to the entire system is not working properly or the system is inefficient. Some even directly burn the controller, causing serious consequences. Below the solar controller installation must know a few things to explain

Solar panel specifications

       The specifications of the solar panel mainly consider two parameters, power and open circuit voltage. Power determines the size of the charge current, as long as the controller does not exceed the rated charge current can be.

Open circuit voltage: PWM and MPPT controller on the open circuit voltage has different requirements PWM controller to 12V battery charging solar panel open circuit voltage is generally 20-22V. 24V system is 2 times.

MPPT controller: solar panel input power and open circuit voltage as long as the solar controller can be less than the rated value. With the battery voltage does not matter,

Battery parameters

       According to the requirements of the solar controller, the battery must consider the parameters are: battery type, battery voltage, battery capacity

Battery type: lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries

Battery voltage: common 12V / 24V / 48V

Battery capacity: the need to work according to the load time and power to decide

Load parameters

       Ordinary system controller output is the DC voltage, the output voltage close to the battery voltage. The maximum load operating current can not be greater than the specified value of the controller.

If it is a solar street light controller, you must also consider the LED lamp operating voltage, the controller is required with LED lamp drive function.

Solar power system configuration involved in the content after all, before doing the project as much as possible to consult the solar controller manufacturers, to assist the completion of system design, this will be more reasonable.

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