MPPT Solar Charge Controller Charging Way

- Jul 17, 2017 -

MPPT Solar Charge Controller Charging way

The solar controller is the core component of the whole solar pv system, and the battery is charged and discharged to protect the battery, preventing the battery overcharging and overlying. The solar charge controller is divided into two kinds of PMW and MPPT controller according to the charging mode. Today, we focus on the function of the MPPT solar controller of the latest technology of olinth technology.

I. function introduction

Adopt international famous brand ST, IR high quality, low efficiency device, ensure the service life of the product.

2. 12V / 24V system ADAPTS automatically.

3, super wide range of working environment temperature in - 40 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃ temperature not allow full load continuous operation in the area.

4. MPPT charging maximum DC - DC conversion efficiency 98%.

5. Advanced MPPT maximum power point tracking technology, tracking efficiency is not less than 99.5%.

6. Ultra-fast maximum power point tracking speed, while ensuring tracking efficiency.

7. Pv array and load overpower limitation.

8. Comprehensive electronic protection function and temperature compensation.

9. Real-time power statistics recording function.

10. Adopt aluminum profile heat dissipation shell, excellent heat dissipation characteristics.

2. Applicable battery type

A colloid battery

2. Sealed lead-acid battery

3. Open lead acid battery

4. Lithium battery (12.8 V)

The lithium battery parameters can be set by the external monitor.

3. The working mode of MPPT solar controller

1. Manual mode

Control the output of the load by pressing buttons on the controller.

2. Pure light control, light control and light control.

3. The control of the light control + time control can set two hours of working time.

1. What is a solar controller

Solar energy controller is also called solar charge and discharge controller, which is used in solar power generation system to control the battery charge and discharge management equipment.

2. Solar controller charging mode

The solar control appliance has constant current, constant pressure and floating charge mode.

1. Constant current phase, the maximum current can be charged directly to the battery by using the constant current characteristic of the solar panel, until the battery voltage reaches the maximum charging voltage rated by the battery.

2: constant piezoelectric phase, through PWM control, ensure that the battery voltage is constant at the rated maximum charging voltage of the battery, and maintain a certain time.

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