MPPT Solar Charge Controller Overcharge Protection

- Jun 21, 2017 -

MPPT Solar Charge Controller Overcharge protection

MPPT Solar Controller Function / MPPT Solar Controller Edit

Self-test: When the controller is affected by natural factors or improper operation of man-made. You can let the controller self-test. Let people know whether the controller is intact. Reduced a lot of unnecessary work hours. In order to win the project quality and duration to create the conditions. (D series of products have this function, please refer to the "Modifier Manual")

Anti-charge protection: to prevent the dark days, or cloudy days without sunshine. The battery in the electricity on the solar cell discharge (often referred to as anti-charge). To avoid the waste of electricity and damage to the system.

Overcharge protection: When the battery is full to stop the battery charge, if too much charge will make the battery internal chemical composition of other reactions, NI battery will crystallize, which directly affect the battery capacity and life.

Excessive protection: When the battery is low enough to stop the battery discharge, if too deep discharge will also affect the battery capacity and life.

Recovery interval: is the recovery interval for overcharge or over discharge protection. To avoid line resistance or self-recovery characteristics of the battery caused by the load of the work bucket.

Temperature compensation: monitor the battery temperature, the charge and discharge value is very modified, so that the battery work in the ideal state.

Light control: used for automatic lighting, when the environment is bright enough. The controller will automatically turn off the load output; and the environment will automatically open down after the load. To achieve automatic control function.

MPPT solar controller installation and precautions / MPPT solar controller editing

1. Open the package and secure it in place (avoid direct sunlight and moisture).

2. Connect the battery lead (in order to make the automatic recognition function not to be wrong), and wait for the controller to complete the identification process (level indicator to indicate the battery power) and then the solar panel lead, and finally the load off In case of connecting the load line.

Note: For your safety, please do not make too much load or add too much solar panels; with a power supply class of power instead of solar cells to charge the battery. Please remove the solar panels, charging current is not too much. Please pay attention to the positive and negative batteries.

MPPT Solar Controller Common Fault / MPPT Solar Controller Edit

1. Load does not work: ① daytime, the controller has light control.

② battery power is insufficient.

③ wiring is correct.

④ remove all the lines, repeat the above installation process, so that the controller to re-identify.

2. Start a few days can be used for a few days do not work:

① The solar cell wiring is incorrect.

② solar cells are not connected.

3. Can not light control: ① solar cell wiring is not correct.

② do not set this function, please re-set.

4. Boot on the work, can not control the light can not control:

① do not set this function, please re-set.

② solar panels of the ambient light is strong enough.

5. Job instructions flashing.

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