MPPT Solar Charge Controller Protection Mode

- Sep 06, 2017 -

MPPT Solar Charge Controller Protection mode

Charge and discharge protection mode of solar charging controller

Solar charging controller is the most basic function when the battery is fully charged, cut off the charging current, it can be based on the number of battery voltage to adjust the size of the charging current, today, give you under the solar charging controller charge and discharge protection mode The

1, over discharge protection termination voltage

Battery discharge voltage is a national standard, the battery discharge can not be less than the national standard voltage, the current production of solar charging controller manufacturers are using 24v system standards.

2, are charged control point voltage

Are charged the time can not be too long, usually not more than ten minutes, usually a few minutes. After the completion of the direct charge, the battery will be solar charge controller for a period of time, then the voltage will naturally drop, when reduced to the recovery voltage, it will enter the state are charged, so that all the battery can be kept uniform consistency.

3, direct charge protection point voltage

Direct charge, that is, fast charging, is the lower voltage of the battery for fast charging, but the charge is not unlimited, but when the battery voltage is higher than the protection value, the direct charge will stop. When charging, the battery voltage can not be higher than this protection point, so the battery is harmful.

4, floating control point voltage

After the end of the charge, the battery will be standing for a period of time, so that the voltage drop, when down to the maintenance voltage, it entered the floating state, similar to the small current charge, so as to avoid causing the battery temperature continues to rise.

The above describes the solar charging controller charge and discharge protection mode, we have a certain understanding, we can see that the solar charge controller charge and discharge protection mode has a direct charge to protect the voltage, are charged control voltage, float control voltage. MPPT controller full name is the maximum power point tracking solar controller, is the traditional solar charge and discharge controller upgrade products, can avoid the battery caused by excessive discharge damage. Today, give you what the characteristics of the MPPT controller.

1, charging efficiency is high, almost no electricity loss.

2, so that the battery life extension, the general controller of the battery can be used for three years, then the MPPT controller can use four to five years.

3, in the low solar sunlight, still has excellent performance; can also be fully adjustable.

4, noisy operation at night, saving energy, but also in the dark or mixed solar array, identify a variety of power peaks.

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