MPPT Solar Charge Controller The Outgoing Controller

- Oct 11, 2017 -

MPPT Solar Charge Controller The outgoing controller

Many users purchase the MPPT solar charge controller, don't know how to wiring is right, worried about their unreasonable operation, cause controller damaged even affect other system parts, below I give everybody to popularize the controller of the connection methods:

1, some of the MPPT solar charge controller is 6 stages, that is easy to distinguish, there are three groups, each group is negative a thread, solar panel is usually the first set of lines, then the battery, the last is the load, the anode in the former, the cathode in the, in turn wiring is ok.

2. Some MPPT solar charge controllers are 5 outlet lines. This is usually the positive electrode of the solar panel and the positive electrode of the accumulator. The negative poles are separated, and the load is a single set of positive negative lines. When the wiring is connected, you can only connect the anode and the anode of the battery. 3. The four lines of the controller, usually the solar panel, the battery, the positive and the positive of the load. When you connect the wires, just connect the three positive poles together, and the negative pole is connected in sequence.

4. Smooth wiring, we usually require the customer to connect the battery, then the solar panel and finally the load. The wiring is designed to prevent the controller from misjudging the voltage of the battery.

User has just come into contact with solar power, often what's the use of MPPT solar charge controller is put forward such a problem, thought this was a superfluous, direct solar panels give battery don't have to. In terms of scientific use, MPPT solar power charging controller plays a big role in solar power generation system, which is mainly to prevent the battery from overcharging. Now I will analyze the results of using and not using the MPPT solar charging controller:

1. Solar panel charging does not use MPPT solar charge controller

African customer sometimes they are directly using solar panels to battery, you don't have to MPPT between solar charge controller, because they are generally use during the day, solar panels, electricity is used directly. Therefore, there is no such phenomenon in some degree, but there is a possibility that the battery life can be easily affected and discarded if it is used in the long run.

2. Solar panel charging and using MPPT solar charge controller

Solar panels charge and use MPPT solar charging controller, charging and protecting battery charging, extending battery life.

3. The solar street lamp controller has the function of optical control and time control, which is suitable for different users' lighting needs.

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