Off Grid Solar Hybrid Inverter Complete Product Chain

- Jun 05, 2017 -

Advantages of photovoltaic grid-connected hybrid inverter As a core technology in solar energy development, photovoltaic grid-connected inverter has become the world's many high-tech companies compete. With the 500kW high-power power plant type photovoltaic inverter to 2.5kW to 6kW small-power household inverter, has formed a complete product, in the product development, chain. Based on the long-term development, chase Japan Electric began a hybrid inverter new product development. Hybrid inverter covers the photovoltaic grid-connected technology, off-grid power generation technology, battery charge and discharge and energy storage technology, and distribution technology and other high-tech, in the pastoral areas, earthquake zones, islands and other non-power supply network area can play well The function. The product as a number of high-tech composite products, is very likely to become Japan in the field of photovoltaic inverter to achieve the corner beyond the breakthrough.

Hybrid inverter is mainly equipped with photovoltaic and off-grid power generation function, that is, in the case of normal power supply, the device closed bypass relay, to achieve power supply to the household power supply; when the power supply is not normal (such as Power grid power, the grid voltage or frequency fluctuations are relatively large), the device can be through the battery, after the inverter on the home appliance load power supply. In the case of appropriate sunshine intensity, the photovoltaic power generation function is normal, the device can also power transmission and grid, to the grid to sell electricity to obtain benefits.

From the technical realization of the way point of view, the device consists of the following units: First, the grid inverter unit, the unit from the photovoltaic panels, DC converter box to obtain solar energy, through the maximum power point tracking circuit, stabilize the DC bus voltage, Inverter unit, the photovoltaic power generation into the public power grid. Second, off-grid inverter unit, the unit in the power supply is normal, through the bypass relay on the load power supply, while charging the battery; in the power grid abnormal, through the battery inverter, the load to achieve uninterrupted power supply. At this point, if the PV module power generation, you can through the photovoltaic off-grid inverter unit power supply, while the battery charge. Third, the switching unit, the unit in the lighting conditions are suitable and the public grid anomalies, by switching the relay and other devices, to achieve the photovoltaic power supply to the load. Fourth, other auxiliary units, such as isolation units, battery battery management unit, used to achieve the battery, into the net meter, out of electricity meters, photovoltaic panels, etc. management, integrated inverter can effectively overcome Existing solar inverters can only be connected to the grid, and off-grid inverter in the sun when the light is weak, the load of electricity limited by the limitations of the equipment can effectively improve the efficiency of solar energy, especially for power grid instability Or grid power supply costs higher occasions.

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