Off Grid Solar Hybrid Inverter Can Be Used For All Kinds

- Aug 28, 2017 -

off grid solar hybrid inverter Can be used for all kinds

Off-grid solar hybrid inverter (Inverter, reverse transformer) is a DC to AC (DC to AC) transformer. DC (DC) output can be converted to AC (AC) 220V sine wave 50Hz or other types of alternating current, can be used for various types of electrical equipment, to maximize the mobile power supply or non-electric areas of the user's need for AC power. Widely used in communications, industrial equipment, satellite communications equipment, military vehicles, medical ambulance, police cars, ships, solar and wind power generation.

Off-grid solar hybrid inverter

1, off-grid solar hybrid inverter is a commercial power grid or local power grid key components

  With the development of economy and society, the demand for energy in human society is getting bigger and bigger, the shortage of oil resources and the rising of its price and the problems of traditional energy use are polluting the environment, so that people turn to clean energy solar energy and wind energy. development of. The off-grid solar hybrid inverter is a key component of the entire solar and wind energy system that converts the variable DC output from solar and wind energy into a clean sine wave 50Hz or 60Hz to meet our needs in everyday environments. Alternating current. Very suitable for power supply for commercial or local power grids.

2, to meet the "mobile" era of demand

With the change in people's way of life now high-quality, high and efficient living needs in the growing. So now 3C products, more digital products are moving in the direction of this development. So we are in a "mobile" era, mobile office, mobile communications, mobile leisure and entertainment life. In the mobile state, people not only need to be supplied by the battery or battery low-voltage direct current, but also need our daily environment indispensable 220 volts AC, off-grid solar hybrid inverter can meet our needs.

The working principle of off - grid solar hybrid inverter

The principle of off-grid solar hybrid inverter is actually a low-voltage DC conversion process for high-voltage AC. Its DC voltage is divided into two, one to the former IC power supply to produce a KHZ level of control signals, all the way to the front power tube.

The following are the three steps from the low-voltage DC conversion to the high-pressure AC process and the results produced by each step.

Step 1 of the control signal to promote the power switch constantly switch to the high-frequency transformer to produce low-voltage high-frequency alternating current.

Step 2 through the high-frequency transformer output high-frequency AC and then through the fast recovery diode full bridge rectifier output a high frequency of hundreds of V DC to the rear power tube.

Step 3 is generated by the rear stage IC 50Hz control signal to control the power output of the latter stage output 220V 50Hz AC power.

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