Off Grid Solar Hybrid Inverter Power Is Large

- Jul 04, 2017 -

Off Grid Solar Hybrid Inverter Power is large

High-speed mixer motor is usually a large power to 800 liters for example, the motor power is usually not less than 132KW, and start and stop frequently. The traditional two-speed motor or single-speed motor, start the current impact on the power grid larger, the capacity of the transformer requirements are higher, more importantly, the power consumption is also high. In foreign countries using frequency control of high-speed mixer has occupied the mainstream position. First, the choice of motor. Regular manufacturers will use the inverter motor, some manufacturers if the customer does not mention special requirements, usually use ordinary single-speed motor, because the inverter motor is about 20% more than ordinary motor. Frequency conversion motor and the difference between ordinary motor: 1. Ordinary motor installed frequency, the service life will decline. Because the ordinary motor insulation performance level is low, and the frequency conversion will make the motor stator windings to withstand a high voltage rise rate, equivalent to the motor to impose a steep shock voltage, which will make the motor interturn insulation to withstand a greater test The 2. Price, the inverter motor expensive about 20% 3. Variable frequency motor bearing torque and rotor material is superior to ordinary motor, variable frequency motor design to take into account its use in the frequent change in speed. 4. Ordinary motor installed inverter, the starting soft (low torque) 5. Ordinary motor installed inverter, the low-frequency operation of the case, high heat (but can be installed to force the independent fan to solve this problem) 6. Ordinary motor installed inverter, the noise increases, often the phenomenon of howling occurred 7. In addition, when the motor capacity of more than 160KW, the general motor to install the inverter, the shaft current will be greatly increased, resulting in bearing damage. The inverter motor has been used on the insulation of the insulation measures.

 Inverter energy-saving mainly in the fan, the application of the pump. In order to ensure the reliability of production, a variety of production machinery in the design with power drive, have left a certain margin. When the motor can not run at full load, in addition to the power drive requirements, the excess torque increases the consumption of active power, resulting in waste of electricity. Fans, pumps and other equipment The traditional speed control method is through the adjustment of the entrance or exit of the baffle, the valve opening to adjust the amount of air supply and water supply, the input power, and a lot of energy consumption in the baffle, the valve closure process in. When using frequency control, if the flow requirements are reduced, by reducing the pump or fan speed to meet the requirements.

The role of the motor using the inverter is to speed, and reduce the starting current. In order to produce a variable voltage and frequency, the device first converts the alternating current of the power supply into direct current (DC), which is called rectification. A device that converts DC (DC) into alternating current (AC), the scientific term is "inverter". General inverter is the DC power inverter into a certain fixed frequency and a certain voltage inverter power supply. For the inverter frequency adjustable, the voltage adjustable inverter we called the inverter. Frequency converter output waveform is simulated sine wave, mainly used in three-phase asynchronous motor speed control, also known as frequency converter. For the main instrument used in the detection equipment in the waveform requires a higher variable frequency inverter, the waveform to be sorted, you can output a standard sine wave, called the variable frequency power supply. General frequency conversion power supply is the inverter price of 15 - 20 times. As the inverter device equipment to produce changes in the voltage or frequency of the main device called "inverter", so the product itself is named "inverter", that is: the inverter.

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