6kW Pure Sine Wave Hybrid Inverter with MPPT Charge Controller

6kW Pure Sine Wave Hybrid Inverter with MPPT Charge Controller

Pure sine wave inverter, MPPT solar controller, adaptive battery charger, integrated transformer – All in ONE unit with UPS function, provide reliable AC power wherever it’s needed. Depending on different power situations, this hybrid inverter is designed to generate continuous power from PV solar modules (solar panels), battery, and the utility. For use with boats, RVs, cabins and specialty vehicles, as well as alternative energy, back-up and emergency power applications.

Product Details

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Model NumberSIW3000SIW4000SIW5000SIW6000SIW8000
Rated Power(W)3000W4000W5000W1000W1500W
Peak Power (W)9000W12000W15000W18000W24000W
System Volt.48V
Inverter Output Voltage110/220V ±5% at same time
Output Frequency50/60Hz ±1%
Overload Capacity105-120% 30S, 120-150% 10S, >150% 5S, short circuit 10ms
Output WavePuse sine wave
CommunicationRS232 (optional)
Solar Charge Controller
Charge TypeMPPT
Rated Input Power3120W3120W4680W4680W   6240W
PV Input Voltage70-150V
Maximum Input/Output Current60A60A90A90A120A
Floating Charging Voltage26.80V53.5V
Equalization Charging Voltage28.8V57.6V
AC Battery Charger
AC Input Voltage90-125V (60Hz)/180-250V (50Hz)
Input Frequency50/60Hz ±3%
AC Charge CurrentMaximum: 30A
AC By-pass
Transfer Time<8ms
AC Input Wave FormAC or Generator (Sine Wave)
DisplayLCD + LED
Display ContentPV status, battery capacity, AC input and output volt, load, running status
Cooling MethodFan cooling
CommunicationRS232/RJ45 (optional)
Noise Emission [dB (A)]<60dB (1m)
Operating Temperature Range-20 to 50°C
Storage Temperature Range-15 to 70°C
Operation Humidity0~90%RH Non-condensing
Dimension (mm)388x415x200mm488x415X200mm488x415X200mm488x415X200mm 588x415X200mm
Weight (KG)3248586070

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