Portable Solar Power Station

Portable Solar Power Station

The equipment is designed as an AC/DC portable power generator, which consists of a lithium battery, PWM controller, pure wave inverter, USP functions, solar and AC charger and DC/AC output all in one. Because of its lightweight, people can bring it with them anywhere with no difficulty. People do not need to worry about their belongings such as cell phone, laptop, lighting devices and so on run out of battery. They will set their mind at ease wherever they are whenever it is if the equipment is in their possession.

Product Details

  1. Features:

  2. 220V/50Hz pure sine wave AC output or 110V/60Hz

  3. 12/10, 5/2, 19V/5A DC output

  4. LED with high lightness for emergency use

  5. Charged by PV power with PWM controller (optional)

  6. Charged by AC power, also in the car via vehicle adapter

  7. Lithium battery built-in with long lifespan time: >1000 times recharge cycles

  8. Real-time display: DC voltage, DC current, active power, battery remaining capacity and remaining time

  9. Automatically calculate the power of appliance and show battery time remaining

  10. Completed protection, includes over-charge, over-discharge, over-load, short circuit and

  11. over-temperature etc.

Model numbersSTD-M051253
Continuous output power500W
Peak power1000W
Battery typeLithium
Battery capacities12V/53Ah
Charging voltage100-240V AC
Built-in adapter12.6V DC/7A
Charging time7-8H
PWM solar controller12-21V/10A (max)
AC outputOutput voltage: 220/110V
Output frequency: 50/60Hz
Output wave: pure sine wave
19V DC outputMax output current: 4A
12V DC outputMax output current: 10A
USB 5V DC outputMax output current: 2A
Transfer efficiency≥92% (DC→AC)
UPS transfer time5 minutes
Working temperature-15 to 50°C
Storage temperature-20 tto 60°C
Protection typesOver-charge, -discharge, -load, -temperature, short circuit protection
CoolingCooling fan
UPS functionYes

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